Monday, February 16, 2009

MAC's List of Items Being Discontinued in 2009


Now I know this is hard, you get a favorite color of eyeshadow or a lipgloss that just makes your lips pop and what happens? It gets canned. It sucks. It's hard. But what can you do but learn that it's coming and be prepared. Being prepared may mean that you are gonna have to buy every last one of that color you can, but eventually - you will run out. Find a good dupe. That's my best advice. Buying on Ebay is expensive and they will eventually run out too. Throughout the year I am gonna be trying to find other colors that pretty much dupe the products being discontinued by MAC.

Ok so here is the list I have so far:

Cedar l/l
Mystic l/s
Nico l/g
Oh Baby l/g
Underworld l/s
Luna CCB
Fawntastic CCB
Abstract n/p
Desire l/s
Del Rio l/s
Shitaki l/s
Icon l/s
Trance Plant l/g
Brown Script matte2 e/s
Soft Brown e/s

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