Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lancôme's Stafford Braganza Interviews with Vogue India

Stafford Braganza Interviews with Vogue India

stafford_braganza1Ok to keep on track with the World's love with everything India (and mine too). Here is some fashion information from the other side of the world. Lancome is known for hiring the best of the best Indian models and makeup artists. Below is the interview Vogue India got with many makeup tips and techniques we can all use:

Stafford Braganza, creative director for Lancôme make-up, explains how to be the belle of the ball via Lancôme.

*To carry a regal look into the evening, apply
Lancôme Kohl Pencil inBlue de Jim to the upper and lower lash lines and smudge them for a softer effect.

*Smudge a
Lancôme Kohl Pencil in Black Ebony in the outer corners of the eyes to create depth. Using glitter or Lancôme Color Design Eye Shadow in Style Section, accent the inner corners of the eyes with a 'V' shape.

*Glitter should always be used as an accent. Never use glitter during the day. In the evening, apply glitter or a sparkly eye shadow to the corners of the eyes, or use the shadow, wet if possible, as a liner on the upper or lower eyelids. Never apply glitter to the complete eye or eyelid.

*Finish the look with a thick coat of
Lancôme Ôscillation Mascara inBlack.

*Always apply lip liner along the natural lip line, unless you have thin lips, in which case you should apply it to the outer rims. Use
Lancôme Contour Pro in Caramel or Cherie. Then apply lipstick using a lip brush and darken the outer corners with the liner to give the impression of a sexy pout. Lancôme Color Fever Lipstick in Pink In The Limo works for an evening look. Accent it with a dash of gloss like Lancôme Color Fever Lip Gloss in Hotness or Seductive on the center of the mouth.

Lancôme Color Design Blush in Signature Look works well for most skin tones. This blush is in a cream form and is best applied with your fingers. Look in the mirror, smile and apply a small amount to the apples of your cheeks. Blend in a circular motion, fading the blush up to the temples and hairline.

*For a more intense and dramatic look, apply
Lancôme Blush Subtil Shimmer in Shimmer Pink Pool over the Lancôme Color Design Blush in Signature Look. Don't forget to blend well.

Stafford's tip: Use a concealer to clean excess eyeshadow or glitter from the eye.

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