Thursday, February 5, 2009

Keep Your House Pooch Hair Free

Here's a cool little gadget I have found. And if you have a dog (or maybe a cat) this is gonna be the thing for you! It’s named the Dyson “Animal” for a reason…actually, make it two reasons! First, this little handheld vacuum really acts like an animal as it continuously cleans for 6 minutes without losing power. Secondly, in addition to a brush tool, the Animal also comes with a special motorized brush bar perfect for picking up all kinds of pet hair.

clean_sweep_dysonWith its signature Dyson Root Cyclone™ technology, the ability to recharge 3x as fast as the handhelds you’re used to and its clear bin which empties quickly and hygienically, this little vacuum packs a lot of punch and should keep all of your friends with pet allergies complaint-free! It sounds amazing but only if you can get over the sticker shock for a handheld: 199.99!! And with all these Dysons being so expensive (ok we admit, they are amazing but still) why does the guy insist on wearing some dirty jeans and untucked slouchy shirt in his ads? weird Visit

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