Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf's Look for Less

I know Gossip Girl is THE SHOW out there now that inspires us ladies for fashion. However we may not all have Blair's deep purse pockets to purchase the 1850.00 bag she wore in the photo I posted earlier. So here we go...just for you my lovelies I have scoured the internet and found a way for you all to put together this look for pennies!!


Ok so here we go:


Delia's Red Coat



Plaid Bow Sweater

Forever21 21.50

Pleated Sash Bubble Skirt

$29 – Forever 21


4349754f01dfe544362a10d84e8d071bHue Super-Opaque Control Top Tights

Orig. $12.50
Now $6.25


Gloves at Delias



BI 4 Ballet flats by Bi 4

$64.00 $45.00 at Yoox

So, hope this helps!

You can basically recreate Blair Waldorf's look for: 187.00 (without the purse cuz I figure most of yall have a basic black purse). The one she actually wore on the show was 1850.00 - 1850.00!!!! Can you believe it? Some people make that in a month. In some 3rd world countries that's three years salary!

Aren't you glad you have me here to break it down in the Look for Less?? :-)

Leave me comments on the next look from Gossip Girl or wherever you would like me to do


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