Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bargain Beauty Finds! Yay!!

I have been getting a lot of requests for ideas of beauty products that are a little easier on the wallet. I know that with these rough economic times sometimes we need to score some major beauty bargains. So, I looked at the site total beauty - which lets readers give their own reviews and ratings to every beauty product under the sun. Here I have compiled the top 20 drugstore steals that were also rated the highest. (Some of these were rated even higher than the more expensive brands - who knew?). Hope this helps a little, I know I can use all the help I can get right now.


20. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes, $8.09

Why it's great: "I used to only use eye makeup remover but realized that my cleanser, Cetaphil, is just too gentle to remove all of my foundation, blush, etc. I bought these wipes to do a 'once over' before cleansing and I will never be without them again! I was pleasantly surprised at how well they removed stubborn eye makeup -- even my waterproof mascara!" -- Tangerine3, TotalBeauty.com member

19. Olay Regenerist Thermal Contour and Lift, $29.99


Why it's great: "Short of an expensive spa treatment, this product cannot be beat. It's easy to use (you can apply this treatment in the shower or bath, or over the sink); it is not time consuming; and the results are phenomenal! ... It left my skin instantly firmer, more supple [and] wonderfully hydrated, and [took] care of some tiny wrinkles that, at 36, I might have had to squint to see." -- lsmith, TotalBeauty.com member

18. Maybelline New York Full 'N Soft Washable Mascara, $5.99


Why it's great: "I've spent top dollar on mascaras -- but I keep coming back to this. It doesn't clump, it goes on smooth, it builds and lengthens, and it stays all day without irritating my eyes or flaking off. Perfect! Several color choices -- perfect price!" -- BlackberryAddict, TotalBeauty.com member

17. Conair ION Shine Ceramic Turbo 1875 Watts Dryer, $32.99

Why it's great: "I have used a zillion different hair dryers and this one is the best. It leaves my rather coarse, very curly, unruly hair shiny and smooth. And it costs considerably less than what I have paid for other dryers!" -- CSMark, TotalBeauty.com member

16. Revlon ColorStay Makeup with Softplex, $11.69


Why it's great: "I try many foundations looking for one with a good price that looks natural and has staying power. This is the best yet. I used the one for oily/normal skin. Very good foundation and stays looking good for an entire day." -- mgbaloo, TotalBeauty.com member

15. Wet n Wild Ultimate Expressions Eyeshadow Palette, $4.99

Why it's great: "I like the combos in these little sets. They are super cheap and much better quality than they look. I would like a 'brights' palette from them because all the choices they have now are very natural. If you're looking for a good neutral everyday office/school look, you'll have some good options here." -- corizotti, TotalBeauty.com member

14. Suave Professionals Sleek Shampoo, $2.99

Why it's great: "I ONLY use this shampoo on my hair. I have tried numerous other products, just to find that I paid a lot of money unnecessarily. I lighten my hair but with shampoo, my hair isn't as dry and straw-like. And the price is very affordable." -- MarieMatthews, TotalBeauty.com member

13. Herbal Essences Color-Me-Happy Conditioner for Color-Treated Hair, $7.49

Why it's great: "It's not heavy like a lot of thick conditioners are. It rinses clean and doesn't make my hair feel heavy or greasy. And the smell is amazing. Very subtle but very delicious. My hair shines and has way less frizzies. I'd use this product even if my hair wasn't colored." -- Chicka, TotalBeauty.com member

12. Jane Lipkick Rich Color, $4.49

Why it's great: "I have tried expensive lipsticks that could not come close to Jane lipstick it has staying power and great colors. The bonus is for the price of one of the more costly brands I can get 4-5 Jane lipsticks." -- mistressfaerie, TotalBeauty.com member

11. L'Oreal Paris Skin Genesis Deep-Action Night Complex Intensive Treatment, $19.99

Why it's great: "I am impressed. This product really works great. It soaks up nicely, leaving your skin feeling non-greasy yet very smooth. It's worth the price." -- Buttons, TotalBeauty.com member

10. Aveeno Intense Relief Medicated Therapy, $3.69


Why it's great: "This is by far the best Chapstick I have used. It heals my lips quickly when they are dry and cracked, as well as soothes them. Definitely worth the money!" -- LouLou123456, TotalBeauty.com member

9. Pantene Classic Touchable Hairspray, $4.46


Why it's great: "I wish I would've bought this stuff before I bothered with Redken (expensive) and TreSemme (didn't like). ... It has great 'memory,' offering a firm but flexible hold so that it doesn't look or feel like you're wearing hairspray. There's no stiffness, crunchiness, or flakes, and hair stays run-your-hand-through-it soft all day." -- teshie, TotalBeauty.com member

8. Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Set, $9.99


Why it's great: "Over the last 10 years I have tried everything on the market from powders to creams in desperation, until I found Sonia Kashuk's concealer set and have used it religiously ever since!! With 3 different shades, it allows me to use certain colors in certain areas. It is amazing and I never leave home without it!!" -- smtdane, TotalBeauty.com member

7. Basis Cleaner Clean Face Wash, $5.49


Why it's great: "Basis achieves the perfect balance for combination skin -- plus it smells fantastic and refreshing. Also, you only need the tiniest drop to work up a good cleansing lather, so one tube lasts me for months. A great value and a high quality product." -- FreshGirl, TotalBeauty.com member

6. Max Factor Maxalicious Glaze, $6.99


Why it's great: "For me, this works so much better than some of the pricier glosses (Nars). It has a nice scent/taste, is perfectly smooth and shiny and the color is just enough to be pretty without being overly heavy or fake-looking." -- Magnolia24, TotalBeauty.com member

5. Burt's Bees Repair Serum, $18.99

Why it's great: "I have been using this product on my face for quite some time and really have a lot of success with fine lines. Recently I used it as a combination with some moisturizing cream to soothe a laser hair removal treatment reaction and it brought down the swelling overnight! Turns out this stuff has other uses too! I had forming scar tissue over some sutures and it seemed to help the scarring ..." -- Somerh, TotalBeauty.com member

4. N.Y.C. New York Color Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil, $3.99


Why it's great: "I love a product that's cheap AND works like it's supposed to. I use the black, and use it to line the inner upper lid. It smudges nicely, if you do it right away, but then sets up well. My HG liner." -- NurseExec, TotalBeauty.com member

3. St. Ives Whipped Silk Intense Body Moisturizer, $4.99


Why it's great: "It moisturizes skin wonderfully while going on light and silky, and [it's] not at all oily. It has a light, fresh scent that smells good but isn't overpowering like some lotions. I also use it on my 18-month-old son with no problems or irritation. Great all-around product for everyone in the family." -- nloclark, TotalBeauty.com member

2. Dove Sensitive Skin Unscented Bar, $10.79 (8)


Why it's great: "I've never used a bar on my face because I'm so used to that weird-tight-squeaky-feeling most bar soaps give your skin. I thought BLEH, I don't want that feeling on my face! ... [This] cleaned off all my makeup and made my skin feel silky smooth. ... I love it, and at about 6 bucks for a six pack, you can't go wrong, it would last you all year!" -- luxylexi , TotalBeauty.com member

1. Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant, $3.49


Why it's great: "I have extremely sensitive skin and have an amazingly hard time finding deodorants that work. I have tried just about all kinds that are readily available and this is the first one that works and gives me absolutely to irritation. I sweat a good amount and this lasts me 6-8 hours (whereas Tom's lasts about 2)." -- Renaelafae, TotalBeauty.com member


  1. Hey again SouthernPrincess,
    Thanks for the bargain beauty post. I bought the arm and hammer Deo immediately after reading ur post coz I have extremely sensitive skin. I really like the product. Hoping to hear about more good products from you!!

  2. Thank you honey. I am going to be posting as much as possible!