Monday, February 23, 2009

The Best At Home Beauty Treatments

I know that when money gets tight usually the first thing to cut back on are things that we consider luxuries. And for many of us, those luxuries are beauty treatments. So here, I have compiled the best of the best of at home beauty treatments. Read on to save some serious cash.

Borba Oxygen Facial, $30

An oxygen facial at a spa usually costs about $150. Get similar face-plumping results with Borba's quench mask, designed to hydrate and rejuvenate dull skin with a bevy of botanicals (including aloe, lychee and ginseng).

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Pearl Eyes TriBall Roll On, $58

Forgo the eye lift for a pick-me-up! Developed by a jet-setting, jet-lagged model, this gel uses plant extracts to soothe the eye area and can be worn either under or on top of makeup.

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Avon Root Touch-Up, $5

Cover roots and grays effectively with shades suited to black, brunette and light brown hair colors.

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Crystalift, $199

Save yourself thousands of dollars and a trip to the dermatologist—this easy-to-use device uses crystal resurfacing and vacuum-lift therapy to combat signs of aging by resurfacing and plumping the skin.

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Hot Tools Salon Hair Dryer, $68

Skip the spendy salon blowouts! Instead, blow-dry your hair 75 percent of the way and then put in medium-size Velcro rollers. Then sit under this hair dryer while you read, eat or do your nails. When hair is dry, gently unroll the rollers, set with hairspray, and voila—hair with bounce and volume!


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