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Givenchy Maharani Spring 2009 Collection - Prismissimes Maharani Pinks, Maharani Apricots Review, Pics

Obviously because of the time constraints I can not individual break down every item in great detail like I am gonna in the following few pallets for the Maharani Givenchy collection. HOWEVER - I WILL SAY THIS - I have told you before that this blog is different in that we actually encourage you to write in and say - hey! I would really like the eyeliner in that line broke down and swatched. Ok, it will be done for you. But you HAVE to let us know what yall want, be it from any line.

[caption id="attachment_37" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="Maharani Pinks"]Maharani Pinks[/caption]

The first item I decided to dive in depth with in Givenchy’s Maharani Collection is the Prismissimes, which are compacts filled with nine shades to be used on the face or the eyes. The Spring collection features #21 Maharani Pinks (pictured above) and #22 Maharani Apricots ($53.00 each). Both palettes feature eight lightly shimmered or matte shadows, plus one frosty shadow strategically placed in the middle.

Maharani Pinks contains four shades of soft brown-based beige paired with four shades of light, demure pink. The middle color is frosty, warm, and copper bronze. The way Givenchy does their Prismissimes, the four shades are actually a gradient–meaning there is the lighest brown-based beige, a medium colored, then a medium-dark, and then a darker shade–that are all similar to each other. The same story is repeated with the pink colors, too.

[caption id="attachment_39" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="pinks"]pinks[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_42" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="pink"]pink[/caption]

The overall opinon of the texture of Prismissimes’ shadows is that they are for the most part velvety smooth. I have found that there is not enough variation in one Prismissimes to do a variety of eye looks, which does kinda put a downer on buying this set at over 50.00. You can get some good standbys with the beiges (but being realistic, at that price point the under 40 set would like to have at least two very different looks available) and subtly cheeks with the pinks. If it were up to me I would have made each blusher square a little larger so we could a) fit a variety of brushes in and b) feel like we were getting more than just a sample. However I’d much rather get one of their Prisme Again! Blush Quartets ($40.00).


Maharani Apricots is just like Maharani Pinks, except the pigments are a little deeper to start with. Four shades go from light to dark in a neutral brown color family, while the other four are a peachy-brown shade going from apricot peach to peach-brown. In the center is a rich, frosty medium-to-dark brown shade. Again, the textures of this product is the same as Maharani Pinks — smooth and velvety.


[caption id="attachment_44" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="peach"]peach[/caption]

Each Prismissime comes with a cute/decent little brush that’s designed to be used as a face brush (since it’s quite wide). I can't give you a full breakdown on how I like the brush yet when compared to my MAC brush sets as I have not used the yet. What I liked about the brush was that it was also smartly designed with the same theme as the palettes. Another score for packaging and design! :-) Overall, I’m not sure these are totally for everyone and some may think they are not worth their value as you could get two of the Blush Quartets instead. But I don't think Givenchy was totally thinking that only their loyal customer base is going to enjoy these items. These items are obviously made to appeal to a much broader audience, and hopefully bring some new customers in. And come on, in these economic times I think it's pretty smart to reach out to anyone outside your regular demographic.

Kudos to them for this!

PS - I was just thinking that, I haven’t tried using either as a face product, and I am curious to see how pinks and browns end up together…I may be on to something :-)

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