Monday, February 9, 2009

I Love This Hair Look! Isla Fisher's Braid Part


I mean how cute is this braid part? So easy below for instructions and tips. I am def gonna try this for those days when my hair needs a wash and I gotta run out without one. Think how much this could hide! Maybe even roots that are a little outgrown?? This look is def on my list of to do's.

GET THE LOOK: Just when I thought I had seen every type of braid, Isla Fisher introduced a subtle version that suits any age. "Since the braid lies at a natural part, it won't ever end up looking overdone," Bumble and bumble hairstylist Nico Aceves. " Apply Bumble and Bumble Spray de Mode before flat-ironing sections to protect from heat and add hold. After straightening, find your natural part then take a section from there to braid."

INSIDER TRICK: Fix a flop! To keep it tight against the head, Aceves suggests trying a reverse french braid, crossing the sections under one another instead of over.
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