Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Givenchy Maharani Spring 2009 Collection Sari Glow


2008 seemed to bring us one beautiful Indian inspired collection after another. Lancome Maharani Jewels and Manish Arora for MAC, comes to mind immediately while another India inspired make-up collection by Givenchy is within our grasp...and this one seems to really hit the nail on the head of blending the Eastern beauty of bright colors and new and unique ways to mix those colors with that of the Western love of anything Indian inspired that seems new and not too out of the ordinary. This is where Givenchy stepped in a seemed to seamlessly blend the two.

--Of course this is just my two cents, but trust me, these are gonna be one of the most popular collections of the year for Givenchy - because not only do they do the makeup right, they get the packaging on point too. But more on that later-- we are gonna let a you get a second opinion from a master in the Givenchy world. (oh and honeys dont worry we will have the gorgeous pics of these amazing products towards the end of the blog.
This wonderful information comes from Nicholas Degennes' personally, where he has updated it to feature his Spring/Summer collection.

Like a Bollywood film, Nicolas Degennes creates an extravaganza of color to make everyday life a dream. “I saw India as a bombardment of colors bursting forth to the rhythm of filmi music. I had already been a fan of this infectious, upbeat music for a long time, but of course it was the imagery that really grabbed me — Bollywood and its palettes of colors burst with beams of light. Melodramatic love stories… But love stories all the same, with all the emotion, the ardor, the passion of hearts that are torn apart and the struggle through hardship… The stuff of life! And the women! So beautiful, vivacious, dazzling… … and yet so sweetly demure. A homage to Indian beauty, heightened with a discreet air of eroticism and anchored in the purest tradition. What I adore in these love sagas is the eternal femininity in a showcase of flashy, ultra-kitsch glamour and gaudy music."


Sari Glow Iridescent Blush in Maharani Pink and Maharani Orange[/caption]

Magic Kajal Eye Pencil in Carbon Black[/caption]

Rouge Interdit in Maharani Rose and Maharani Henna[/caption]

Vernis Please! in Maharani Tangerine and Maharani Pink[/caption]

Prismissime Visage in Maharani Pinks (Fair complexions) and Maharani Apricots (Darker/tanned complexions)[/caption]

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