Tuesday, February 3, 2009

MAC SPOILER YAY!! Hello Kitty & Kitty Kouture for MAC! MOST AMAZING LINE YET

Hello Kitty & Kitty Kouture for MAC

Hello Kitty & Kitty Kouture for MAC

Hello Kitty & Kitty Kouture for MAC

(oh yeah and the bald guy up there is head of MAC)

I'm getting revamped for the awesomeness of the Hello Kitty for MAC collection. I think it looks super girly and fun, I can't wait to see how it looks all laid out!! But I have to add that I think that at least from the looks of the packaging and makeup photos - this looks awesome. Really this looks like something that may make me go broke :-)


Some people aren't fans of the black and white and pink, others are. I am. Love it. I also love that on my Nice Kitty Lipglass, the lid doesn't have a sticker, it's got the images actually put on the handle. YAY! Plus who wants some childing pink and white when this actually looks girly and sexy??


A fellow blogger was so kind as to share images, so I hope you guys enjoy them!


Iswii.net has these fantastic images taken from an unveiling of a MAC S/S2009 show. I don’t know much else, considering I don’t know a lick of Chinese, LOL. Any translators? ;) P.S. - It looks like a MSF from BBR is acting as a placeholder on the HK display.


So, still excited for HK? Less excited? MORE?

See five more images!




I think my inner 6 year old is falling in love...



Is this cute little purse making my heart skip beats?? OMG



Ok so there will be more to come as I get more, let me know what you think? The best response will win their choice of a Kitty Kouture product from MAC :-)


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