Friday, February 6, 2009

Celebrity Look For Less - Kelly Rippa!

don't know about the rest of yall but to me Kelly Rippa is adorable. A little too skinny now yes, but adorable all the same. And maybe she's not too skinny - maybe I am jealous. Anway, here is a pic of her looking absolutely amazing and then I have broke it down to items you can get easily without a platinum or even a gold card :-)


Look For Less:

Black jacket, J. Crew,$70.


Black pumps, Nine West, $89;

Satin dress, Calypso Christiane Celle, $89.

Satin dress, Calypso Christiane Celle, $89.

Black belt, Fashion Focus $27;


So here it is, her whole ensemble for a total of: 257.00

257 dollars!! Wow that really is a great look for less, especially if you already have a belt and some black pumps. Then, it would be hardly anything.

What's the thoughts on the outfit?

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