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Sugar Sweet Full Review - Photos, Swatches, Releasing Soon!! Part Duex




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Release Date:
March 19th, 2009

Sugar and spice and everything nice—MAC is delivering once again with its new collection titled Sugar Sweet. The collection is set to release on March 19, 2009. This collection is sweet for a few different reasons.

First of all, the collection has shadesticks! If you’ve never had the chance to use a MAC shadestick, you are going to want to try one now. A shadestick is a smooth a rich eye shadow in the sleek format of a stick. It brings a whole new dimension to eye shadow application. I love the shadestick and I can’t wait to try the Red Velvet color.

The collection line also includes regular eye shadow, lipstick, tricolor lipglass, mascara, nail polish, mineralize skinfinish, and false eyelashes. It really is a pretty complete collection of everything you would need to create a finished look. I think one of the most intriguing things in the collection is the tricolor lipglass.

This lipglass isn’t just one tone, it includes three different colors. My first thought was that three colors might be too much, but then I thought of how many times MAC has presented something that didn’t look fantastic; it is definitely a rare occasion. I will wait until it comes out to make a final decision, but for now, I will continue to be intrigued. Everything that is rumored to be in the collection is listed below. If we learn of anything else, we will be sure to update the list.

• Bubbles - Sheer frosty white beige (Glaze) (Repromote)
• Lollipop Loving - Mid-tone coral with subtle green and gold iridescence (Glaze) (Repromote)
• Saint Germain - Pastel pink (Amplified Creme) (Repromote)


• Sweet Thing - Mid-tone magenta with multi dimensional pearl (Lustre)
• Touch - Peachy cinnamon (Lustre) (Permanent)

Tricolor Lipglass
• Consume Me - Top: Sheer white with reflects; Middle: Pale mint with duochrome pearlized pigments; Bottom: Creamy light peach with pearlized pigments
• Just Dessert - Top: Sheer yellow pink with reflects; Middle: Mid-tone yellow pink with duochrome pearlized pigments; Bottom: Mid-tone creamy yellow pink
• Simply Delicious - Top: Sheer peach with reflects; Middle: Pale coral with duochrome pearlized pigments; Bottom: Creamy mid-tone coral
• Tasty - Top: Sheer blue pink with reflects; Middle: Mid-tone blue pink with duochrome pearlized pigments; Bottom: Dark creamy red pink
• Triple-Yum - Top: Sheer gold with gold reflects; Middle: True gold with duochrome pearlized pigments; Bottom: Mid-tone bronze


• Aquavert - Soft mint with white pearlized pigments (Veluxe Pearl) (Repromote)
• Club - Muted reddish brown duochrome with green opalescent shimmer (Satin) (Permanent)
• Dear Cupcake - Mid-tone pink coral with gold pearlized pigments (Satin)
• Sugarshot - Pale frosty beige (Lustre)
• Stars n Rockets - Lavender with red/pink reflects (Veluxe Pearl) (Permanent)


• Butternutty - Frosted pale white gold
• Cakeshop - Frosted light neutral beige
• Lemon Chiffon - Frosted pewter
• Penny - Light pinky copper (Repromote)
• Red Velvet - Frosted mid-tone pink


• Zoomlash

• 34 Lash

Mineralize Skinfinish
• Perfect Topping - Pink/peach/lavender mélange
• Refined - Tan/peach/coral mélange


Nail Lacquer
• Peppermint Patti - Creamy mint green (Cream)
• Seasonal Peach - Creamy pale peachy pink (Cream)


Products included in MAC's Sugar Sweet Collection:

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